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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lexapro and Ritalin - Part 1

Lime Jell-O Lexapro and Ritalin

Whoa Jittery, and high. I guess I can really focus on being high. Worked on the lawnmower for about 4 hours. I got the front axle removed, and am having a devil of a time getting the snap rings back on the shaft to mount the bushings to the deck. Very frustrating. I covered it all up with a tarp when it started raining. Tomorrow is another day. I think I need a bunch more clamps to hold everything together so the ring will slide into the channel. Curse the man who invented these stupid snap ring retaining washer thingies.

It rained all weekend, so I did not work on the lawnmower until Monday. I did not need more clamps. The snap rings were bent, and needed to be replaced. A quick trip to the hardware store for some new rings, and the proper tool to install them, fixed the problem. It only cost $82 in parts, $10 for a tool, and about 6 hours labor to get the lawnmower working again. I am quite proud of the accomplishment.

As for the drugs. I started them on Saturday, and saw no real effects at all the first day. Sunday was a mess. I had nausea, reflux, nap attacks, tremors, and a general feeling of jitteriness. I had no appetite at all, and did not sleep well if at all. Other than that it went just fine. According to what I read on the net these side effects are pretty typical of the Lexapro. By Monday I was just tired, and that lasted through Tuesday. Today is Wednesday, and I am feeling better. I mowed the lawn, and did some gardening. I did not have the nap attacks I had over the past couple of days, though I did sleep in an extra hour this morning.


  1. I'm 10 yrs down the road on my FTD trip. Can't work; only drive sometimes; regained ability to read; watch TV.

    Many similarities, including early onset; later discovered hypothyroid and hyperglycemia.

    Take Ritalin to stay awake and Tegretol to calm down tendencies at 'outrageous to others' behaviors.

    Live near Dayton, OH and am former Master's level Psychotherapist.

    Metformin is not the problem, by the way. I study the neuro-psych lit lotsand now am taking Malaria Meds on my own. Google FTD dementia and Malaria.

    Regards, Dan

  2. Funny stuff can get out of hand with this condition. It's like juggling cats; hilarious yet very touchy.

    Ba dump bum,

  3. Thanks for the comment Dan.

    Juggling Cats - or maybe hearding them - I'm not sure, but in any case if ya do it right yer gonna get scratched ; )

    I did a post on the malaria drug, but since I cannot be sure which underlying chemistry I have, I am hesitant to try Quinine other than to add Quinine Water as a mixer.

    Best of luck to you. AFter 10 years, you are probably much better at this than I am.


  4. Hi Lee,
    Just found your blog today. My 31 yr old daughter Julie died from FTDP17 10-09. I kept a journal of sorts on caringbridge for the same reasons you have started this. There was so little real usable information when Julie was dx 3-07. Julie took Lexapro and it was the only drug that seemed to help make her journey easier.
    Bless you and thanks for doing what you can to educate and help others. Joy

  5. Thanks for the comment Joy. I had visited your web site before, and just did again. Our stories need to be told. Each is so very different ...in the beginning.

    As for Lexapro - in the end it may be an option for me also, but where I am now it takes away too much of what I have left. It is difficult to put into words, but when I was taking it, I just sat and did nothing all day, but I was content.

    Some days are better than others.