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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lexapro and Ritalin - Part 2

Lime Jell-O - Lexapro and Ritalin - Part two

Lexapro has got to go!

Actually it has already gone. It has been 11 days since I took the last pill. I seem to have totally misplaced the whole week I was taking it, and it took another full week before I was feeling back to normal. What finally did it was Thursday. After having a fair day on Wednesday mowing the lawn Thursday was a disaster. I spent 2 1/2 hours sitting on the deck watching the grass grow. That tired me out so much I decided to take a nap. I laid in bed staring at the darkness for about 4 hours - wide awake. It was all like a free association meditation. I was thinking all these thoughts, but I can only remember that I mowed the lawn. Actually I do not remember mowing the lawn, but it was mowed and I am the only one here, so I must have. I really have no memory whatsoever of Monday through Thursday. Oh yeah! One more thing. The sexual side-effects of Lexapro - No frakkin way!

I did not take any Lexapro on Friday, and will not take them again.

Oh yeah - I do not really remember fixing the lawnmower.

That said. In the event that I start to exhibit bizarre behavior because the my FTD, I am sure that Lexapro will help because when taking it I really had no behavior at all. Just stick me in a rocking chair, and point me so I can see the grass.

Other than being a little jittery once in a while I seem to have no side effects from the Ritalin. It may be helping with my memory a little bit by increasing my focus so I remember more stuff. It may also be helping me to start things and get stuff done. If it is helping the effect is subtle. I am going to give it a chance.


  1. Lee - wanted you to know that you are the 5th person I know of (including myself) that has taken Lexapro. You are the 4th person (including myself) that has had bad side effects. My Dad took it for a couple years and we chalked his symptoms up to old age. I was given it for BP issues and started having the same symptoms as my 79 year old Dad - OUCH! We are both happily off of Lexapro. Good Luck Lee.

  2. hi, new to the site, thanks.

  3. I have just started taking Ritalin for ADD and have had a few Ritalin side effects but nothing to bad, i just hope that the longer i'm on it the more my body adjusts and accepts it. On the plus side it is really helping my concentrate on what i'm doing.