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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Post On A Post - Metablog

 Metablog - blogging about the blog.

Just once I would like to get through a whole day without being reminded of the changes brought about by my bvFTD. I almost made it on Saturday, July 3rd.

As a reader, there is no way to tell what it takes for me to write some of these entries. For example, I started thinking about my post about watching the grass grow a few days before May 28th when I took the picture of the Catbird. It was almost 5 weeks in the making!

I had it all planned out, and then when I was about halfway through with it the phone rang. It totally derailed me, and I never got it all back the way I wanted it. I knew as soon as the phone rang that I would not be able to complete the project as I had planned it. Up until then I actually had felt like it was a pretty normal day. I had not even thought about my FTD induced changes. The whole rest of the day was pretty much of a loss after that. I just wandered around the house, tried to watch some TV, tried to read a little news online, but just never quite got my concentration back on track, or felt like doing much of anything.

I have several more pictures, and a couple stories I wanted to include. I may try to re-write it, and re-post it for comparison in the near future. It is a good example of not being able to switch between tasks very successfully, and then switch back again. It is probably a decent example of the attention difficulties I sometimes have.

As for now, I think I will just fix a couple typos I noticed, and leave it be. After all, if someone didn't know what happened, what is missing, and how long it took to get it done, it looks just fine. But I know. I know.

It is already too late for today, but maybe tomorrow will be the day that no symptom interferes with my daily living. I know there will be a day, and it had better be soon. I will celebrate it when I notice. Eventually I know that no such day will be possible at all.


Comments welcome.


  1. I'm sure you have thought of this, but why not turn off the phone while you blog, then turn it back on when you finish? If it's important the caller will leave a message. Put the phone where you can't see it while you work so as not to get derailed. If you think you may forget to turn it back on, put a note to yourself where you are sure to see it. You put so much into doing this blog, and we get so much from it, it seems a shame to not control what you can so you can finish the way you want to.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Matilda.

    Yup! I turn my phone ringer off all the time. Eventually I even remember to turn it on again. I had it turned off all weekend. In this particular instance while writing I was texted first asking me to turn my phone on and answer because it was not just a routine call.