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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Krazy Kop Kar

Krazy Kop Kar - A Black And White Police Kroozer!

One of my two most favorite sons keeps saying I should get a pet. It just makes sense that a pet would be good company for me. My friends and doctors all agree, so it must be true. So, I got a new pet.

Meet Kroozer!

Kroozer is on a diet and exercise plan.

Kroozer is learning to walk on a leash.

Kroozer likes to Kuddle.

To be sure, there will be more Kroozer posts in the future,

Comments are welcome.

Ritalin Revisited Again - Part 4

More boring crap on Ritalin. Well just suffer along for a while.

Since there are no drugs at all approved for use with bvFTD this is cutting edge information. Well, maybe not, but it sounds important to say that. See Ritalin Part 1, Ritalin Part 2, and Ritalin Part 3 for the whole story so far.

I now have enough subjective evidence to say with certainty that the Ritalin does help. The main reason I want to be sure is that it is expensive. The cost of the prescription is not overwhelming, but it also requires a visit to my Neurologist each month. Between my co-pay, and the Ritalin, and the gas it costs about an extra $50 each month. It also takes time, but that is OK as it is an excuse to get out and do some shopping near the doctor's office. Love those big-box stores!

Apparently Ritalin is a drug which has to have a written prescription each month, and cannot just be refilled. That is why I have to actually see the Neurologist in person, and have a written prescription. It cannot be phoned or FAXed. Why? Because it is classed just like d-amphetamine, and has almost identical side effects, and abuse potential. That is the other reason I want to be sure it is actually having a positive effect. I do not like taking any drugs, and this one is potentially harmful.

For a whole lot of great info on ADHD and Ritalin I recommend you follow this link: Ritalin (methylphenidate)

So, the last 2 months I ran out of Ritalin a few days before my appointment. This is no big deal since not taking it for a few days is not going to create any life threatening condition. Last month I did not take it at all for a few days, and this month I cut my dose from 20 mg in the morning to 10 mg for a few days.

In both cases I noticed a difference. It is probably helping with my ADHD-Like symptoms, and that has a positive influence on a lot of other stuff. The whole set of Executive Functions are related, and if one part breaks down, it messes up the whole set.

What I noticed is my working memory was much worse when I did not take the Ritalin. I was fine at the time, but I couldn't remember half of what I did afterward. I also had the usual, "Where did I set that down?" syndrome.

And I didn't get as much done as I noticed before when I stopped taking the Ritalin. Well, when you consider that it is related to amphetamines that is not at all surprising.

When I have a bad day, or a series of bad days, and my working memory is worse, I have what seems to me like time-compression. A day seems to have passed in just a couple hours, and a week seems like just a day or 2. I know I was there, and I was doing stuff, and getting things done, but I do not remember the details. The Devil is in the details, and without them time really does fly by unnoticed.

So, the bottom line is that at least for now I am convinced that the benefits outweigh the adverse effects.

This all may seem a little redundant, but I will continue to evaluate the usefulness of Ritalin because it is a powerful drug with a potential for some nasty side-effects.

Comments are welcome.