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Friday, November 19, 2010

AFTD Newsletter - Check Out Page 10

The following is a complete copy of the email sent from AFTD announcing the latest issue of their newsletter. What makes this one of special interest on this blog is that you will see my smiling face at the bottom of page 10. Explore the AFTD website to learn more about FTD, and feel free to donate if you want to. This is the only organization expressly devoted to FTD, and is one of the most helpful and informative around. A special "Thank You!" to Susan for allowing me to use some information from the AFTD website, and to Chuck for his encouragement in posting my story on their website. Check it out at the links in the following post.

Dear Friends,

There is a lot happening here at the Association and in the field of frontotemporal dementia. To catch up on some of the latest research, programs and events click this link to read our Fall newsletter. Features include a profile of AFTD Board Member Sylvia Mackey, wife and caregiver of NFL Hall of Famer John Mackey, and an interview with award-winning filmmaker Joseph Becker on his experience documenting FTD and its impact on families. Also, be sure to read What's So Funny?, a terrific article by Comedy Central's Nicole Savini, who says laughter can help you cope with FTD and make you a better caregiver! It's guaranteed to make you smile and might even make you laugh out loud!


AFTD's various programs and services are made possible by the generous contributions of friends like you who are helping change the lives of people affected by FTD. Lives of people like Bill and Sue Bishop and their son, Brad, who has FTD (read their story in the next link). Please consider giving generously to the 2010 annual appeal so that AFTD can continue helping people like the Bishop family, while creating a more hopeful tomorrow.

To make your gift online, go to Donate Now! at www.ftd-picks.org
On behalf of all of us at AFTD, best wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Susan L-J Dickinson, MS
Executive Director

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