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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Busy Summer, And No Medications - Yipes!

Well, it has been a while since I have written anything. For me it does not seem very long at all. It feels like a week or maybe a little more. It is only when I look at the calendar, and see the date of my last post that I realize it has been over a month. That is how what I refer to as "time compression" works. Things in the past don't seem as far back as they should because so much in between is "Missing Time".

There are several reasons I have not written as often. First, it is Summer, and I am lazing in the pool, gardening, and enjoying the nice weather.

Second, Nemanda. This is one very strong medication. Once I reached the full dose around the beginning of June, I felt "stoned" all the time. I was content to laze in the pool, and watch the Fabbits, and Hummingbirds from my deck. I was woozy most of the time, and very unsteady walking. I did not feel comfortable driving much at all. After about a month it got better. As with the Aricept, the side-effects went away as my body got used to operating under the influence of the drug.

Third, my insurance lapsed for a few weeks when I had to switch to COBRA, and I did not take any medications at all. No Aricept, Nemanda, or Ritalin. Cold Turkey! I was only without medications for 16 days, but it seems to me much longer. The opposite of "Time Compression", but I remember very little from those 16 days so there is still plenty of "Missing Time". Time just dragged on, and on. I was incapable of doing any serious writing during those couple weeks.

I started my medications again yesterday, and am hoping my body will remember them so I won't have to endure all of the side-effects again. I want to write more on this whole incident with the insurance in the near future.

Fourth, I have had a lot of pain in my right foot. I guess it is time for me to finally see a doctor about it because it is starting to limit the few activities I have.

For all of those who were concerned because I hadn't written in a while, "Thank You!" I am as well as can be expected, and maybe even better.

Some days are better than others.

Comments and questions are welcome.


  1. Good to see you're enjoying summer as winter in Sydney is colder than usual. Am encouraging my Mum to get as much sun as possible as that could be good for enhancing mood and even cognitive ability. I can't complain as for the first time in ages,she made a cake today- with very little interference from me.
    Hope your foot gets better soon.

  2. "Frontotemporal Dementia: What
    Can the Behavioral Variant Teach
    Us about Human Brain Organization?"
    William W. Seeley, Juan Zhou1, and Eun-Joo Kim

  3. Hi... this week I reading the blog. Thank you, Lee, for the info... and your feelings. My FTD diagnosis = PPA.
    I sent a note to Dr. Herz, UT Southwestern Medical Center, November, 2010. "Let's have a little trial... you get me some methylthioninium chloride...and I'll tell you if it helps... or not. I'll pay for it. Let's pretend that we are in Chili, UK, France, Italy, Australia or New Zealand. Think about it!" The Dr. Herz boss call me... nice... but no. Oh, well... So sometimes I am still trying to deal with the Lime Jell-O.

  4. Hope you're lucky and you avoid the side effects and also your foot turns out to be a minor thing.

    Hang in there.

  5. Thanks for all of your thoughtful comments Curious Reader. I can't always reply, but I always read them.

    Some days are better than others. And sometimes the bad days come in bunches. I hope you all enjoyed the cake, and it was a bunch of good days.

    My foot is much better, thanks. It miraculously stopped hurting a day after I started back on my medications. What a coincidence, eh?

    Summer here in Ohio started out wetter than usual, and now it is hotter and drier than usual. Must be "Global Cooling" since our cold winter was blamed on warming. Har! They are predicting temperatures around 100 for next week. That is very unusual for NW Ohio as we are pretty far North.

  6. Thanks for the comment Jane.

    Best of luck. I have not had any success with any of the research programs either. They are all too far away, or I do not qualify for some reason or another.

    Some days are better than others.

  7. Thanks Terry! The side effects slammed me pretty hard, but really only for a couple days rather than weeks like at first. I am feeling much better ...so far!

  8. Main thing is that the trip was a total success is spite of the fact that you broke the Jeep.
    The broken jeep made you fully awake and alert in the wilderness and did sharpen your senses ..