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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Okay! Okay! I am doing Okay.

Hello, and thank you to everyone who has commented or emailed me. Please do not worry. I am doing Okay. I know I have taken a little vacation from posting the past few months. Well ..I have been busy. I decided to explore the world of online dating. Hey! Don't laugh!  I will say that dating takes a lot of time and effort, at least it does if you do it right. I look forward to sharing my experiences on dating with FTD as soon as I figure out what to say about it, and how to say it. I mean ...really! It is an experience... and I have met some wonderful people, and a couple maybe not so very wonderful ...or maybe it is just another symptom. More on this matter coming soon...

Some days are better than others, and most days are pretty good. ...or maybe I just can't remember the really bad ones. Har!


P. S. Please click on a link before you leave this site. Every little bit helps. Thank you ; )


  1. Yep, dating can be time consuming. Glad you're okay and back to posting some.

  2. I am glad the new blog... 2012. Lee, please keeping on. Many people would like your blog.

  3. Good to see you're still writing and keeping me amused with skunk anecdotes.I found you again while searching for that book, 'What if it's not Alzheimers'. Good luck with the dating.

  4. Where did you go? It's March! I was so glad to have found this site... you've done an amazing job. My husband, 53, was recently diagnosed with svFTD and I have been researching myself to death. Love your humor and honesty as well as the great information. Hope that you keep it going (or coming). Thanks!