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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kroozer Day 2012. Six more weeks of Winter!

Yeah, well, we really haven't had much of a Winter this year here in Ohio, but figure on 6 more weeks of cold, damp, gray days with a chance of windy rain or snow at any moment. Duh! That is February and March in Ohio!

I gently woke Kroozer up this morning. When I picked him up out of his "den" (a cat carrier he stuffs with towels and silk scarves) he purred, and churred, and glommed on to my shirt. He was a sleepy, and cuddly lil Skunk right from the start. He didn't mind when I put his leash on. A few minutes later he was out on the lawn exploring what there was to explore. I think he wanted to stay outside longer today. It is nearly 50 degrees, and though it is cloudy, and has been all morning, he was a happy lil Skunk.

He received a special treat when I brought him inside. I gave him one of his treat-bags. They are actually his Christmas presents. There are still another 2 left. His best  friend from Michigan put some Cheeze Twirls in a some paper lunch bags. Kroozer loves the Cheeze Twirls (Kroozer loves Cheese!!!), and it gives him something to do to worry, and push the bag around, finally ripping into it for his treat. Kroozer is a fat, happy Skunk! ...and I am kinda happy he didn't see his shadow ; )

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1 comment:

  1. Best little fat skunk I've ever met. Be sure to bring him along next visit so we can walk him around the neighborhood; preferably a weekend day so most people are home. Can't wait!