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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hey! Look! There is Lee! He is still doing OK.

...always uphill, but some days are better than others!
Well, it has been almost six months since I posted anything about FTD, Frontotemporal Dementia (or as I prefer Frontotemporal Degeneration. I may have some issues, but I am damn well not "Demented!" ...most of the time) and even longer since I wrote anything of any significance. Lately I have been wanting to write again, and examining why I have not been doing so. Well, truth is I have been very busy procrastinating. Putting things off has become a full-time pursuit. I have thought about writing a post, and that has been just as good as actually doing it. It is a combination of motivation, and a lack of the ability to initiate the action. It is kind of like every time I wanted to write something I just sat on the couch and thought about it until any desire to do anything about it passed. So, why am I writing today? Beats me!

I looked back at some of what I had previously written. This is always a good barometer marking any noticeable changes in my condition. Fortunately I have noticed very little change in my condition. Unfortunately I have noticed very little change in my condition. Not much worse, but really not any better either. With FTD I suppose that should be considered a win.

My ability to do basic arithmetic is still very compromised. To the point where a couple months ago I overdrew my checking account even after using a calculator, and working out my deposits on paper. Oh well. So I was extra poor for a couple of weeks. Now that I am on disability finances are always tight.

I stopped taking most of my medications for several weeks when I was between insurance coverage. The biggest change I saw was an increase in my ADHD-like symptoms when not taking Ritalin. I can manage without it, but it does make everything easier to get done. I also noticed a lot more "Missing Time". Time moves very quickly for me anyways, but it flew by when I wasn't taking the medications. I did not stop either the Aricept nor the Namenda as I did not want to risk dealing with all the nasty side-effects starting them up again. Right now have very few side effects other than a weight gain of approximately 30 pounds. This, or the medication, or both, has contributed to my blood sugar being elevated again. I had been diet controlled for a few years, but I am now taking Metformin. I am now back on all of the medications, and supplements, except for the Lion's Mane Extract. I have not taken that since last Fall. It is time to re-order because I think it helped.

So, what have I been up to these past few months? Not much! I had written that I was exploring online dating. I had actually been doing that for a while. Dated, and broke up with a couple nice (and one not-so-nice) ladies. Then I met someone, and we have been dating now for just under a year. I managed to squeeze in a couple very nice vacations (most recently a camping trip!), and have made a few postings on my Nature Photography Blog following my outings. I watched a lot of movies, but don't ask me which ones. Kroozer is still fat, dumb, and a happy li'l skunk.

Overall I am doing very well. Of course some days are better than others. Most days are still pretty good, and the bad ones seem to fly by quickly ...at least in retrospect.

I hope to write more frequent posts in the future. We shall see how that goes. I think I will think about it...

Comments are always welcome.

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