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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Giving Thanks

Tur-Duc-Hen, aka. Turduckhen aka. Yummo!
One down, and three to go. I am not a big fan of the Holiday season. For me the season officially ends on January 17. I can't wait! At least Thanksgiving is over with. OK, maybe it isn't quite that bad, but almost. Too much stress, and not enough money is not a fun time for Lee.

Thanksgiving was really easy this year because I couldn't afford to do anything much, or go anywhere special. My friend and I just had a nice quiet Thanksgiving dinner here at home. Just the 2 of us. My boys couldn't get time away from work, and couldn't have afforded the trip home even if they could. It worked out because I really was not feeling well enough for a lot of company.

I had always wanted to try a Tur-Duc-Hen. Last year, they went on sale right after the Holidays, and I grabbed the last one at my local Krogers. They were regularly about $70, but I managed to get one marked down to $32. At just over 15 pounds, that is about $2 a pound. Not bad for a boneless duck, and a boneless chicken stuffed inside a turkey along with cornbread and rice stuffing. It looked a little odd - kinda short, and flat, but the directions were easy.

It came in a baking bag, so cooking the bird (s!) was simple. The directions called for 3 hours at 400 degrees. That is a little hotter and longer than usual, but there is a lot of meat in there. The bird(s!) were in the oven by noon.

We spent the time waiting watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel. Sometimes ya just gotta keep the woman happy. I must have done something right because she made all of the side-dish trimmings to go with the Tur-Duc-Hen. Dinner was had, and it was delicious. Unlike the picture, I cut our bird in half lengthwise first, then sliced one half of it onto a platter. It was the easiest Thanksgiving dinner I can ever remember. We even had home-made pumpkin pie, and the mashed potatoes were the best I have ever tasted.

And "YES!", I would get another Tur-Duc-Hen, but not at full p[rice. That is what the chest-freezer is for in the basement. The only change I might make next time would be to add a little olive oil through the hole I cut in the top of the bag, and maybe a third of a cup of water too.

Of course I had a Tur-Duc-Hen sandwich for lunch again today, and there is a whole half down in the freezer for later. We certainly won't starve this month.

It was easy not to go shopping on Black Friday. No money to spend, so no sale was good enough. It looks like it is going to be a really sparse Christmas again this year. I'll get by. Who knows, I might even enjoy it!

I sure enjoyed watching Ohio State win on Saturday, and right now the Browns are holding their own at the half. I am doing some work outside today between plays. Pool hoses, and pump put away for the winter, fountain emptied, and who knows, I might even get the Guyzeebo taken down. There were flurries yesterday, and it might snow Wednesday, so I guess it is time.

Other than having to remember to take my medications, I really don't think I thought, or cared, about Frontotemporal Degeneration (FTD) all weekend. That is always welcome. I am simply thankful that I am doing as well as I am.

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  1. found your site while looking at my "ftd recent", an icon on my desktop that only shows me stuff within the last year. my dx was in 2007. i like your site/blog and always feel fabulous when i read stuff from another lucky ftd-er who feels and does stuff like i do; sadly, an extremely rare occurrence.
    i'm astonished that you can write all this stuff down, and that you do it regularly. also that you have managed to keep your friends, and actually date. amazing.
    it's a relief to be validated, and thank you for your effort to communicate this life. really.
    I'm D, 63, trying to accomplish my goal of staying the hell away from everyone to ensure that a) their last memory of me won't be of a fucking asshole bitch, and 2)there will be no 'thank god' upon my death.

  2. Thanks for the comment Plan B "D",
    It isn't easy. My close friends have read the book I recommend on my site. That gives them some insight in what to expect from me. My girlfriend has a lot of patience to put up with me. It is not an easy path, but I try to make the best of what I have been dealt.

    Some days are better than others. Just hang in there and know that one of those good days is just around the corner, no matter how bad it seems.